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H Rosa Remy Human Hair Wig by Elegante

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H Rosa Remy Human Hair Wig by Elegante

Messagede xstestersix » Mar 21 Nov 2017 13:24

[url=]H Rosa Remy Human Hair Wig by Elegante[/url]
Elegante Wigs
Fiber: Remy Human Hair
Cap Size: Average

Hair Length: 7.75" - 11.5"
Brazilian Remy Human Hair Wig
Deep Wave Curl

[url=]JUDI by Jon Renau[/url]
Hair Lengths: Bangs: 4 1/4", Crown: 4 1/2", Sides: 3", Nape: 1 3/4". Colors Shown: 12FS8 (images 1-3) and 6F27 (images 4-6).
Product options
Length: Short
Construction: Monofilament Top / 100% H.T.
Curl: Straight
Fiber: Synthetic Hair
Size: Average
Product Type: Wig
Style Code: 5969

[url=]PIXIE PERFECT by Gabor Next[/url]
Less than two ounces in weight, PIXIE PERFECT is a light, cool pixie wig that includes precision all-over layering and tapering for easy care styling plus a monofilament crown for a natural contour. Cap size is Petite. Hair Lengths: Front: 2 1/2", Crown: 3 1/2", Sides: 2 1/4", Back: 3", Nape: 1 1/2". Color Shown: GL27-22.

From the Gabor Next Collection, featuring inside "hidden" weft for a natural hairline, wide velvet Comfort Band? for added security from slippage and to prevent friction, a monofilament crown, open ear tabs, an open extended nape, and ultra-thin adjusters at the nape for a personalized fit.
Product options
Length: Short
Construction: Monofilament Crown
Curl: Straight
Fiber: Synthetic Hair
Size: Petite
Product Type: Wig

[url=]RACHEL by New Look[/url]
Lovely long wig with soft bangs. Overall Hair Length: 24". Color Shown: H33/130.
Product options
Length: Long
Construction: Standard
Curl: Straight
Fiber: Synthetic Hair
Size: Average
Product Type: Wig

[url=]PERK (Average) by Gabor Next[/url]
Perk by Gabor is a modern classic. Short, all-over textured layers define this classic cut. Wear it spiky or smooth--the choice is up to you. Hair Lengths: Front: 4 1/4", Crown: 3 1/4", Sides: 3", Back: 3", Nape: 1 1/2". Color Shown: G19+.

Made with Personal Fit Cap construction, resulting in the lightest, coolest and most comfortable styles with the look and feel of natural hair, and Flexlite Fiber, a fine, lightweight fiber that eliminates weight and volume without sacrificing coverage.
Product options
Length: Short
Construction: Standard
Curl: Straight
Fiber: Synthetic Hair
Size: Average
Product Type: Wig

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Messagede kR5ADkaWC » Ven 24 Nov 2017 11:18

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Messagede p6xt98o2m » Ven 24 Nov 2017 11:51

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